just like all kids, I loved painting on my free time! As I was growing up I could copy anything around me on just about any surface by any method (pastel, aquarella, pencils, markers, e.x…) and in any scale I chose.

Naturally, not long after, I started working as an amateur for a while on frescoes in professional and private apartments, as well as handmade labels.

I use chalk for my first draft on the wall, without using any mural stickers – because I like and can achieve drawing all by myself – and after your approval, I start the painting process using only regular brushes ( not airbrushes ) . I also work with all kinds of colors, even oil colors wityh Nitro.

I would love the challange and opportunity to take over a wallpaing or even a label for your special space!

Thank you,
Sincerely, Alex