Body Art


From early age I could copy-draw anything by just looking, so about 20 years ago, I was offered to learn how to become a HENNA artist by the owners of a very successful company in Greece “Nails-Nails” in order to advertise HENNA all around Greece. That entailed learning how to mix the HENNA powder with water and applying it, using a bottle with a tube in frond and squeezing it to draw without touching the clients skin! So, I was at a drawing contest with other artists and won the first place when I was 19 years old! I worked for 2 years for them in a beautiful environment with a very famous client list, but then I chose to continue on my own, traveling around several Greek islands! 

Due to my long years of experience, BLACK HEΝΝΑ as a material (which is just basically hair die), can rarely cause epidermal skin irritation (skin gets bumpy only where the HENNA is located and it itches a lot and also looks red) and not some dangerous allergic reaction as it is rumored! If you wash immediately with water and scrub with olive oil, HENNA gets dissolved and exits the skin easier! With an additional no-scrubbing cream from a pharmacy, in 3 days all irritation should be gone. Avoid having a BLACK HENNA tattoo ever again though, because it could cause an even bigger reaction next time you get one! Also, if you wish to renew the same tattoo at the same spot, know it increases the chances of a reaction due to overloading your skin pores at that same location! I ‘ve worked with RED HENNA, which is harmless for only a year, because it takes 6 hours to remove the crust while having to tub on a cotton soaked in lemon and sugar and the colour wasn’t very red and it took 3 days to be vivid enough.

Because of all the above, I’ve decided to also make ΒΟDY ART, with anti-allergic materials) in WHITE ( white make up in paste mixed with a special liquid body glue and white powder on top ), GOLD – powder on top of the special liquid glue and GLITTER – multi coloured powders on top of the special liquid glue, applied with brushes (kids love it). I could also make a combination of BLACK ΗΕΝΝΑ + ΒΟDY ART!!!

Furthermore, 17 years ago I went in Germany to learn BIO-TATTOO (lasting 3-7 years)! It is a tattoo that is done with special needles that don’t go deeper than 1,5mm into the skin, instead of 3mm ( permanent tattoo ) and organic based colors, therefore it lasts only 3-7 years, before it completely disappears without leaving any marks on the skin. After 5 years it gradually starts to fade out and it doesn’t need plastic surgery for removal. It is taking longer time for the artist to make it and therefore is more expensive than the permanent one, also the technique of making it is slightly different ( which is why I can’t make also permanent tattoo ). BIO TATTOO is ideal for those who haven’t really decided what or if they would like anything permanent on their skin. By the end of the year 2019 I am planning on completing my studies on BIO TATTO by also learning the semi permanent make up face tattoo (eyebrows, eyes, lips…) which is actually the same with Bio tattoos, but on the face!

For any additional clarifications, don’t hesitate to book an appointment (+01 8635583608, +01 9415248117) and make yourselves more beautiful by tattooing your thoughts and ideals on your body!

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