from early age I loved to paint at my free time! Growing up I was able to paint anything I was looking at, on any surface by any medioum ( chalk, watercolour, markers…. ) and at any scale I wanted.

It didn’t take long to start professionally making wallpaintings in privet and professionall spaces, as well as labels for bussinesses.

I use chalk to first make the draft on the wall, without using any stickers – because I am able and I like doing it by myself – and after the approval of my client I begin using only brushes – not graffiti sprays or airbrushes – to make the wallpainting. I can use acrylics, plastic, metallic and oil paints.

It would be my pleasure and honour to be selected to do a wallpainting at your space or a label for your shop! I also do interactive – or not –  wallpaintings at schools, indoors or outdoors!

Thank you,