just like all kids, I loved painting on my free time! As I was growing up I could copy anything around me on just about any surface by any method ( pastel, aquarella, pencils, markers, e.x…) and in any scale I chose.

Naturally, not long after, I started working as an amateur for a while on frescoes in professional and private apartments, as well as handmade labels.

Soon after I began drawing professionally on fabrics ( shoes, t-shirts, towels, pillows, hats ) in a watercolor method.

For a better livelihood, I chose to study graphic arts in Greece. In my 6 years of studying we were practicing on drawing still life, statues, portraits, nudes, in color & black/white, also photography and animation alongside the computer graphic programs.

After all that, there was still something more l wanted to experiment on. I wanted to create something modern and strong, with my own technique.

After 5 years of trying, I successfully combined a relief technique, made of plaster, melted aluminum & bronze leaves and drawing on wood. I call it relief metallic art and I like to express human motion & emotion via simple illustrated designs.

I’ve started participating on art exhibitions and I am looking forward in exploring the art world!

Thank you for appreciating my art and I am looking forward in meeting you personally at one of my exhibitions!

Best Regards