over the past 5 years I’ve started participating on art exhibitions and via my unique art technique I try to make paintings with simple illustrated designs that combine and express human motion and emotion!

I use MDF wood, which after rubbing / preparing it, I copy or draw the design I want on its surface. I prepare my mixture (artistic plaster + liquid glue + melted aluminum or bronze leaf + water + chemical) and drop by drop I try to follow the design on wood using an artistic spatula. Once the mixture has dried (after a day), I paint all over the surface – including the relief pattern – with acrylic or metallic colors, creating the effect/style I want in the background. Once this stage has dried out, I remove the color (paint) from the surface of the relief design with alcohol and in the end I pass water varnish all over the painting, in order to make the colors more vivid and protect the wood.

It’s a difficult technique, but I like to be touching what I create and the result is a very modern but also strong painting, with a simple style and interesting background that invigorates the shapes, the motion and meaning of the painting.

With one-sided illumination – spotlights – the paintings are more accented due to their relief shape and the presence of metal.

Art of timeless value that will astonish you.

Best Regards,